Wayne M. Gore - Jul 11, 2018
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How to reach the Rome city center from the airport which is several kilometers far away? What are the different transfers available? 

Before the visitors can use the subway and other public transportation in the city, they must first reach the city center using a shuttle bus, train or taxi. In this article, we present the various shuttles and trains that run between the city center of Rome and its airports.

The largest airport is about 30 kilometers from Rome's city center. The airport is  served by the so-called traditional airlines and low-cost airlines. Different possibilities are available for the visitor to reach the city center:

Fast transfer with the Leonardo Express

The fastest transfer between Rome - Fiumicino Airport and the city center is the Leonardo Express train. The journey takes exactly 32 minutes. While the transfer is fast, it also has its price: EUR14 per person. 

The good transfer plan: The shuttles

An economic alternative is the Terravision buses that run between the airport and the city center. The shuttle only costs EUR4 per person.

Rome-Fiumcino transfer by taxi

No more scams of taxi drivers! The price for the Rome-Fiumicino city center route is fixed. It is EUR 48 and includes the transport of 4 passengers and luggage. The offers the best deal .

If the required hotel or accommodation is not located in the city center of Rome, travelers can still enjoy the fixed price, which will depend on the destination (CastellodellaMagliana - Parco de Medici EUR 30, NuovaFiera di Roma EUR 25, Ciampino Airport EUR 50, Tiburtina Station EUR 55, Ostiense EUR 45, Civitavecchia EUR 120).

Warning: These packages are only valid for taxis in the city - "Commune di Roma". Taxis in the city are white and have a taxi sign on the roof of the car. The license number and the inscription "Roma Capitale" must be visible on the passenger door and the rear of the vehicle. The journey time depends on the traffic and varies between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

Do not take taxis from the city of Fiumicino. Although the price for the trip is also fixed and regulated, it costs EUR 60. Locals also strongly advise against using "the pirate taxis". When travelers arrive at the airport, they are often approached by people offering trips to the city center. Even if the visitors negotiate a fixed price with the driver, there is no guarantee that it will stick to it! Moreover, it is impossible to file a claim with the taxi services of the city in case of problems.

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