James Morris - May 11, 2017

There is nothing worse than booking your plane ticket, boarding your flight, arriving at your destination and then finally after a long haul, getting to your hotel only to find out that the cost of the short transfer from the airport to your hotel was more expensive than the plane ticket itself. Yet, that is what many travelers experience with airport transfers and the cost of their services.

The Downsides of Using Traditional Airport Transfers Included in Package Tours

What most people do when they book their ticket is they buy a packaged deal which comes with airport transfers. That may work out sometimes but for a lot of travelers, the cost of airport transfers can be up to a staggering FOUR TIMES the amount of what the plane ticket cost. For example, in Geneva it was found that the average traveler who travels from Manchester to the Swiss city pays an average of 170 pounds for a tiny ten mile trip.
To make matters worse, many of the airport transfers are unreliable and can cause significant delays to the traveler. This is largely because traditional airport transfers use buses that transport many other travelers to their various hotels scattered throughout the city. Rather than going directly to your hotel to rest, you may have to wait on the bus for hours until the driver drops you off. Traditional airport transfers can often be very uncomfortable and it is not uncommon for drives to mix up flight information which is inconvenient to both the traveler and the travel agent.

Why Travelers Should Use a Private Airport Transfer Service

Not only is it much more affordable to use a private airport transfer service, the quality of the service is much higher. Forget waiting around for other travelers so that you can all hop on board the same bus and be driven around the city as each person gets dropped off to a different hotel. With a service like, all you have to do is book in advance through your travel agent and your private driver will collect you at the arrivals area where you will be taken to a private vehicle (which you select! you can choose from a huge variety of vehicle classes: from Micro and Premium to 19 Pax Bus) and driven straight to your hotel. At the end of the day, with a private transfer service such as Kiwitaxi, travelers will pay less money for a more convenient and higher quality service.

Travel Agents Use Private Airport Transfer Service

Why Travel Agents Should Use a Private Airport Transfer Service

As a travel agent, you want the very best service for your clients and you want to provide that service profitably. Rather than contracting a costly and low-quality traditional airport transfer, you could use airport transfer agents such as Kiwitaxi.
Kiwitaxi provides an individualized service that looks after the traveler at every stage of the transport until they arrive safely and comfortably at their hotel. Unlike a traditional service, Kiwitaxi gives travelers the option of selecting their vehicle so they don’t have to deal with the hassle of sharing their transport with other people. This is a huge benefit especially for those traveling with family. Kiwitaxi also supervises the trip and provides any support 24/7 that the traveler may require such as notifying flight delays.
Travel agents will have the opportunity to start an account with Kiwitaxi partner program for travel agencies and manage multiple currencies in order to track their orders and commissions. If that is not enough, then consider the massive 50% Kiwitaxi’s commission (your share is 8 - 15% of transfer price depending on the route and region) that Kiwitaxi pays to all travel agents per booking. All the agent has to do is offer the service to the traveler and if he or she books, the agent will receive half of the service fee.

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