Nov 9, 2017
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When you are travelling by air, most people focus exclusively on the plane journey, failing to consider how they will move from the destination airport to their hotel/residence. While there are many options for airport transfers, nothing matches the comfort and convenience of using a limo service. A limo service does not necessarily exclusively work with a fleet of stretch limousines, but also other more comfortable and spacious premium vehicle brands. If you opt for limo airport transfer, here are some of the things that you need to avoid.

Don’t book when you arrive

Don’t make the mistake of trying to book your limo transfer when you land at the airport. First, you might find that most limo services charge extra for this ‘last-minute’ booking which will increase your airport transfer costs. Secondly, you might be disappointed to find that all their vehicles have been reserved by those who had the foresight to book in advance which will inconvenience you. Always plan ahead when travelling. Most (if not all) reliable limo services allow you to book, and maybe pay, for your airport transfer in advance to ensure that you find your vehicle already reserved for you.

Don’t share your ride with other clients

While this is rare for most limo services, it has been an emerging trend for limos to attract clients seeking to save a few bucks by offering a shared ride with another traveller. This situation usually ends with a bad experience. You will probably be tired from your flight. You don’t want to share your ride with someone else that may be going to a hotel on the other side of town, thus lengthening your commute. Worse still, you might find yourself lumped together with a noisy group. Ensure that you are the sole client when booking your airport transfer.

Don’t work with a poorly-reviewed limo service

Or worse still, don’t work with a limo service that is not reviewed online. Trust the experiences of the customers that have used the limo service in the past.. This is why it is important to book in advance so that you have the time to shop around for the most suitable company for a pleasant airport transfer experience.

Don’t work with an ‘independent’ limo driver

You can never be certain about the authenticity and professionalism of a limo driver that is not working with a recognized Party Bus Toronto company. Limo services are legally required to hire competent and qualified drivers. Similarly, they have a reputation to maintain, which is why they are more dependable than a ‘free agent’ limo owner who has no corporate image to protect.

Don’t aim for the cheapest limo

This does not mean that you should ignore affordable options if their legitimacy checks out. But don’t simply use price as the determining criteria when choosing a limo service. Ensure that they meet all the other criteria in this checklist before taking them seriously. Your safety and comfort is more important than saving a few bucks.

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