Nik Fes - Sep 24, 2018
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Last August, Rome crossed the milestone of 1 million arrivals and 2.5 million admissions. This is an increase of 3.45% and 3.25% compared to the same month in 2017. The contribution of foreign visitors is significant, represented on total by 815 thousand arrivals and 2.1 million admissions.

“In the month of August alone, the rate of internationalization of the capital tourist demand has risen to 82.09%. We are increasingly polarizing visitors from emerging markets, especially from China, which has officially become part of our top ten foreign source markets,” says Carlo Cafarotti, Councillor for Economic Development, Tourism and Labour of Rome.

“In September-October - according to the trends of bookings – there will be 4% more Chinese visitors in Rome in terms of arrivals and 5% more in terms of attendance. It is a target on which we are very focused. By 2020 China will be the country with the largest number of tourists abroad. Last year 135 million Chinese people travelled outside the country, in four years there will be 700 million of them.

“We want them to choose Rome. In this sense, we work closely with Fiumicino Airport, industry associations and with our supply chain professionals. But also, through the new synergy established thanks to the European International Urban Cooperation Program, which will involve Rome and three Chinese cities in the integrated exchange on the themes of smart cities, mobility, energy efficiency, development and tourism,” he added.

The positive trend was also registered in the luxury segment. Compared to August 2018 it recorded a total increase of 4.68% in terms of arrivals and 4.64% in terms of attendance. By far the best performance of the sector.

“We are modelling our offer based on the analysis of flows and the target of visitors that is emerging in the capital. Asia looks at us with interest, without prejudice to the supremacy of the Americans. The trip to Rome is experiential, can be tailor-made based on different needs. Hence, our paths of art, taste, fashion, green, or simply our “Rome for families”.

“From here, above all, our attention goes to the specialization of the reception chain and the care of the suggested routes. Because the capital, the queen of the cities of art and tow of the national sector, is the forerunner of the enhancement of the surrounding territory.

“The number of visitors who while in Rome take the opportunity to visit other places in Lazio is also growing. Our commitment to this is total. Rest assured that the development of transport, strategies and resources, remains the most effective way to enhance them all,” Cafarotti concluded.

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