Gary Diskin - Jan 29, 2023
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Over 15 million people arrived in Rome to stay in the city's accommodation facilities in 2022, for a total of 34,737,389 overnight stays. An increase of 176.46% and 190.30% respectively compared to 2021.

The data on attendance in Rome is the result of the final official surveys of the Lazio Bilateral Tourism Authority. In 2022, the total arrivals in hotels and residences in Rome's capital were 9,666,238, with an increase of 245.22% on 2021 (and a recovery of 74.15% on 2019). The overall overnight stays – for example, people who stayed at least two nights - were 21,552,631, with a growth of 291.47% (and a recovery of 70.24% on 2019).

The number of international tourists who visited Rome grew at a faster pace: the arrivals of foreign tourists were 5,821,362, almost 500% more than in 2021, and the number of overnight stays was 14,309,230, +566.52% on 2021. The most numerous were tourists from Europe (2,780,347 people who stayed for several nights), followed by American tourists - 1,656,739 arrivals and 3,845,263 overnight stays. Less numerous are the tourists from South-East Asia (540,000 arrivals) and Central-South America (394,483).

The arrivals of domestic tourists to Rome were 3,844,876, with an increase of 110.15% on 2021 and a recovery of 81.94% on 2019. The number of overnight stays was 7,243,401, with +115.66% on 2021 (recovery of 79.97% on 2019). Compared to 2019, therefore, Roma Capitale has overall recovered 78.23% in arrivals and 74.64% in overnights, with a virtuous path that exceeds the trend estimated by the World Tourism Organization in an average world recovery of 63 % on 2019 and in line with what was estimated by the same body for Europe, whose recovery on 2019 is currently estimated at around 79%.

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