Ashley Nault - Jun 28, 2023
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According to Sandiaga Uno, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, there are ongoing discussions to increase the visa-on-arrival fee in Indonesia. The exact amount of the increase is still uncertain, but many sources predict it could be tripled. A 30-day visa on arrival in Indonesia costs IDR 500,000 (approximately US$33) and can be extended once for an additional fee. Travelers from 92 countries can easily obtain a visa-on-arrival, which is one of the most accessible programs of its kind worldwide.

Minister Uno did not confirm or deny the rumors about tripling the visa-on-arrival fee. However, he mentioned that any changes to the fee would be made according to the standards set by other countries that offer similar visa categories. Minister Uno emphasized that their main aim is to promote quality tourism in Bali based on culture and dignity. They are still considering the benchmarks set by other countries in this regard.

“Our goal is to attract 8.5 million international tourists per year, with Bali being our main target for 4.5 million visits,” confirmed the minister. Additionally, he addressed the issue of misbehaving tourists on the island, acknowledging that it may only be a small percentage of the four million visitors. Nevertheless, he emphasized the importance of educating tourists about Balinese culture to prevent further incidents.

Minister Uno’s statement suggests that visa-on-arrival fees may increase in response to Governor Koster's plan to raise Bali's visa-on-arrival cost.

The governor of Bali, Koster, proposes to increase the cost of tourism to discourage unruly behavior by tourists. Additionally, he is advocating for stricter financial checks on tourists applying for a visa-on-arrival to confirm they have adequate funds for their stay. Recently, Indonesia ended its visa-free travel program for 159 nations, meaning only ASEAN travelers can visit the country without a visa.

Travelers should be glad that the legislative change regarding visa-free travel to Indonesia is now in effect. Tourists can now enter the country without paying for a visa on arrival. This change reflects the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions and is simply a formal policy update. So, this is good news for anyone wishing to visit Indonesia.

The Immigration and Tourism Departments are establishing financial limits that will promote sustainable tourism development in the country. Currently, Visa on Arrival is the most suitable visa for most tourists and short-term visitors to Bali.

Tourists planning to visit Bali can get a visa on arrival at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport or apply online at least 48 hours before arrival. The visa fee is IDR 500,000 and is open to citizens of 92 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and most European countries.

A visa-on-arrival application can only be completed on one official website. Immigration officials have cautioned tourists to be wary of fraudulent sites.

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