Andrea Hausold - Apr 19, 2023
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Dozens of tourists have been deported from Bali in recent weeks. Some had even posed nude or semi-nude for photographs at holy sites, and others misused their tourist visas to work or broke traffic rules. Now the regional government wants to complete a guide for foreign guests, which has been in the pipeline for some time, as quickly as possible.

All due to brand-new rules for tourists comprised in the "Good Tourist Guidebook." The guidelines include an introduction to Balinese culture and customs. Temple etiquette, rules of dress, and manners around sacred landmarks such as banyan trees and certain mountains are also explained.

The governor of Bali, Wayan Koster, recently said: "Bali does not reject tourists as long as they respect the customs and norms that prevail here." He had already announced that visitors would not be allowed to rent scooters because they were often breakneck and often without a helmet or driver's license.

A tourist tax is also under discussion.

The tourist guide could not remain the only measure in Bali to get the situation of over-tourism and rude guest misbehavior under control. Indonesia is considering introducing a visitor tax for tourists in Bali. The revenue from the tax is to be used for nature conservation projects, such as the reforestation of mangroves and coral reefs.

Indonesia is taking Thailand as an example, said Nia Niscaya, MP for strategic politics in the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism. It is yet unclear when the tourist tax will be introduced and how high it should be.

Bali is the only island in Indonesia that is predominantly Hindu. Faith is very important to the residents. That is why they also expect foreign guests to fully respect their religion and traditions. A sarong (long skirt for men and women) is usually mandatory when visiting temples.

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