Wayne M. Gore - Aug 16, 2023
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Bali has so much to offer. The Island of the Gods, located in Indonesia, attracts wealthy tourists wishing to spend their honeymoon there and adventurers searching for breathtaking landscapes. Whether Banjar's hot springs, the Monkey Forest's natural sanctuary, the monumental elephant of Goa Gajah, the dolphins of Lovina Beach, or the Tegeh Koripan, which allows you to enjoy the panorama, the attractions are numerous.

Throughout the year, temperatures remain mild on this sunny island with a tropical climate. Bali is a paradise for outdoor activities, offering walks in the heart of wild nature, walks on the beach, and mountainous landscapes. To fully enjoy Bali, visiting during the dry season - from April to October, is imperative.

Unfortunately, because of its popularity, Bali is currently facing overtourism. As the world confronts the effects of climate change, the island is in deep reflection. To enhance visitors' stay and improve the daily lives of locals, Sandiaga Uno, the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economies, advocates for a more sustainable and qualitative tourism approach. This can be achieved by encouraging visitors to stay longer and spend more through a more expensive introductory offer.

Acts of disrespect and illegal activity plague the island

Several months ago, the Indonesian government sounded the alarm about immoral acts. Nudity in sacred places, pollution, and other illegal behavior on the part of some travelers seem to have multiplied.

This phenomenon – added to the fact that the island is crumbling under the pressure of road traffic and a failing waste management system – is linked to an excessively cheap tourist offer, according to the government and the tourism sector.

Nowadays, the Indonesian island offers travelers a multitude of hostels where an overnight stay in a dormitory costs no more than US$ 3. At the same time, there are hotels that only the wealthiest travelers can afford.

Therefore, the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economies wants to further promote Bali for tourists who wish to stay longer on the island and are willing to afford more expensive services to contribute to the local economy. This will also further promote the culture of the island and environmental protection.

Bali wants to move "from quantity to quality" tourism approach

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, enjoying what Bali has to offer us has never been easier. The island has hotels, hostels, guest houses, and private villas. This destination is also ultra-connected to the rest of the world, observes The Bali Sun. Its airport welcomes more than one million passengers monthly, with daily flights to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Bangkok (Thailand), and Singapore.

Last June, the Travel Off Path reported that the days of cheap travel to the paradise island of Bali may soon be over. To end fornication and "debauchery," the government had announced its intention to move "from quantity to quality" at the end of the health crisis. In this move, the island asked locals to report disrespectful acts and introduce a driving ban for tourists and a tourist tax.

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