Chris Grad - Jun 10, 2022
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Many U.S. citizens have been focusing on work, putting in more work hours, and taking less time off. If you work with no play or relaxation, it can cause physical and mental health consequences. For starters, if you don’t take time to destress, your body, after continuously working, may be more prone to getting sick.

Work and responsibilities can be overwhelming for most people. The constant stress can be pretty heavy on one’s brain and mental capacity. In most work contracts, there are usually vacation days given to an employee to prevent burnout and other debilitating conditions from developing.

Taking time off work and going on a vacation can have physical, emotional, and mental health benefits. People who go on a vacation can experience better psychological and physical health. Going on a trip can also help increase motivation and productivity, decrease chances of burnout, increase happiness, and enhance social relations. Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits further.

Better Mental Health

Naturally, our mental health has highs and lows; it won’t always be a straight path, but don’t worry since that’s human nature. However, when we are predisposed to disorders like depression, anxiety, etc., and we get triggered by the stressors around us, it can cause a devastating result.

Constant and chronic exposure to stressors can cause a significant change in our mental health. When you take a vacation, surrounded by the things that make you happy, you would typically feel calm and relieve stress. These feelings allow your body and mind to heal, which couldn’t be possible if it was in the same stressful environment before the vacation.

Improved Physical Health

Have you ever asked yourself, “should I go on vacation?” If yes, what’s a good enough reason?” If yes, this section may convince you to book that ticket finally. Going on a vacation can improve your physical health. Remember that we only have one body in this lifetime; we should do everything necessary to take care of it.

The constant stress in our environment can contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease, and other disorders. When we are constantly in an environment that contributes to the negativity we experience in life, these feelings can add up and cause us to become vulnerable to sickness.

Greater Overall Well-being

Due to the many health benefits both physically and mentally, there truly are great benefits to your health. After taking that vacation leave, you may notice superb sleep quality and improved mood. Then, compare it to the time before you were on vacation - look at how big and significant the improvement is.  Taking the time off to relax would help clear the stresses we have in our mind and help boost our mood.

Increased Motivation and Productivity

Going on a vacation entails that you’ve taken a pause and the rest you deserve. A break offers a sense of healing. As a result, you can take advantage of the possible increased motivation and productivity when you get back to work.

People who return from a vacation are typically more focused on succeeding in their tasks. The constant stress can make it hard for people to finish their tasks and find the motivation to even go to work. So taking time off can improve one’s cognition and productivity.

Enhanced Social Relations

After you’ve been away from your family for a couple of days or weeks, it can help improve your relations with the people around you. No matter how much we love our family, there will be times when we get overwhelmed with a situation. Like how it’s important to take a step back from your work, it’s also healthy for your social relations if you take time for yourself and go on a trip.

Greater Outlook on Life

Traveling can help you achieve a better positive attitude towards life. It can lower the risk of depression since you can recover from stress and recharge during your vacation. You may even experience tremendous gratitude for your life and your experience after a well-deserved vacation.

Decreased Burnout

In addition to increased motivation and productivity, you can also experience decreased burnout. Taking regular time off to relax can help employees become more creative and motivated. Burnout results when workers have to constantly put off fires at work and don’t have enough time to recover.

Elevated Happiness

Who doesn’t love going on a vacation? Even when we’re planning it, the excitement is already through the roof! We can’t help but count the days till we get to that place and visit a new and healing site. The experiences we get in a new country or place are enough to contribute to our happiness. Everyone deserves to do the things that make them happy.

Final Thoughts

Taking time off away from your daily social and work life can help your physical and mental well-being. It can also help your motivation, relations, perspective, and job performance.  Even if you can’t fly to another country or you want to stay in an apartment by yourself, that’s fine! We all have different definitions of relaxation, so evaluate what works best for you and take it from there.

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