Kevin Eagan - Jul 4, 2022
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After two years of pandemic travel restrictions, many Germans are looking forward to this year's summer vacation. But reports of high inflation rates and rising prices are not stopping the travel industry. According to an analysis by the price comparison platform idealo, some travelers will have to budget 46 percent more this summer season than last year.

As the data shows, 42 percent of consumers are trying to save money by cutting back on vacations and travel. Experts analyzed the extent to which the high inflation rate is actually reflected in the costs of this year's vacation trips using two different trips - popular with German vacationers - as examples: a flight to Mallorca and a camping vacation in Austria.

The costs for arrival and departure, as well as accommodation (excluding meals) for six nights per person in August, were examined in comparison with the corresponding period of the previous year. In addition, the analysis includes examples of average prices of individual products that are classically on the packing list.

Expensive Summer Vacations - Mallorca 46 Percent Costlier

While a round-trip flight to Palma de Mallorca still costs an average of 65 euros per person in August 2021, travelers will have to pay an average of 41 percent more this summer, with an average price of around 92 euros. An overnight hotel stay on the Spanish island is also significantly more expensive this year: while vacationers only had to pay the equivalent of 69 euros per night last August, an overnight stay will cost around 101 euros this season. For arrival and departure as well as six nights in the hotel consumers pay in this August thus altogether 695 euro and thus 46 per cent more than in the previous year.

In addition to higher costs for travel and accommodation, travelers will also have to dig deeper into their pockets this summer for typical products such as suitcases (+30 percent), bathing shoes (+36 percent) and sun care (+4 percent).

Fuel Price Drives up the Costs for Camping Vacation

Anyone who decides to go on a camping vacation this year with their own car (alternatively including a caravan) will have to prepare for high fuel costs despite the fuel discount. While the round trip with average fuel consumption from Berlin to Zell am See cost around 161 euros last year (with caravan: 252 euros), drivers will pay an average of 43 percent more for the same distance this year (without caravan: 230 euros, with caravan: 359 euros).

The cost of overnight stays at campsites in Austria has risen by an average of 7 percent compared with the previous year - campers will pay the equivalent of around 17 euros per person in this year's high season. A one-week stay in August 2022 thus costs around 101 euros. All in all, travelers will have to budget 341 euros for a camping vacation in Austria this year, including the round trip from Berlin - 29 percent more than last year.

Campers who still want to equip themselves with the appropriate equipment in advance must also expect higher prices here: for example, outdoor shoes (+7 percent), backpacks (+6 percent) and camping gear (+10 percent) cost more than in the same period in 2021.

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