Michael Trout - May 17, 2021
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Since spring 2020, tourism has changed substantially in most of the world. Travel businesses have come up with many innovative ways not only to survive health restrictions and travel bans but also to improve the tourist experiences. Tourism review presents 5 concepts the businesses should focus on to boost their customer base and adjust their offer to the demand of today’s health-conscious traveler.

Health Security

It is important to put in place and enforce all sanitary measures to curb the spread of the virus. The latter, subject to everyone's goodwill, requires to be always aware of the evolution of sanitary measures, to adapt quickly but also to make sure that the instructions are respected everywhere and all the time.

Friendly Welcome

In this period of the health crisis, holidaymakers need to be reassured, especially by getting quick answers. Tourism professionals can thus express their humanity, by showing empathy and reactivity and thus establish a relationship of trust with the customers.

Digital Transformation

 To face this phenomenon, tourism professionals have had to adopt technological tools to facilitate the customer experience such as "contactless" solutions. These evolutions have thus allowed reinforcing the company's performance in terms of data collection and analysis on consumer behavior and tourist experiences.

Efficient Offer

The health crisis is an opportunity for the tourism sector to adapt to new consumer needs and behavior by rethinking the offer and the customer experience (e.g. space planning, circulation in establishments, free gestures of generosity, etc.).

Responsible Consumption

Tourists are increasingly interested in sustainable development and wish to practice tourism in line with their values, based on concrete Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) measures such as the presence of eco-labels, the possibility of consuming local products, the well-being of employees.

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