Wayne M. Gore - Aug 13, 2012
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Olympic stadiums around the world are not only places with famous history. Often they also serve as an important landmark and tourist attraction. Among the most popular stadiums is the Beijing complex or Montreal stadium.

A new London stadium was built for the Olympics that has everything a spectator might wish to see. Keeping in mind the structures of previous stadiums, the builders have tried to design the best stadium of the world. Thus the stadium is eco-friendly and lightweight and has gardens around it which increase in its beauty. Changing the old trend, the builders have decided to place just 25,000 seats in the stadium this time.

Aside of the fact that the Olympic Stadiums have the big responsibility of hosting mega sporting event, there are many other reasons why an Olympic Stadium should be rich in architecture and style. An Olympic Stadium is a place where the event gets started and ended. It gives first impression about the event and tells people how the rest of the event will be organized. Most importantly, it imprints a solid impact on the brains of the tourists who come from different parts of the world to enjoy the games.

Just take the example of the Beijing Olympics, their Bird's Nest stadium is still fresh in the minds of people. The stadium not just successfully hosted the 2008 Olympics games, but it has now become a favorite place for the wintertime athletes who take interest in its indoor ski resort.

Munich hosted the 1972 Olympics, but they did not have any major sporting venue prior to building their 210-acre sporting complex, which they built for the Olympics. The stats show that since then the complex has attracted more than 157 million visitors.

Taking the help from their already available resources, different builders plan differently. For example, a tour of Mexico City's stadium would give you a chance to have a look at the masterpieces of Diego Rivera.

The cost matters lot in this field which is also the chief reason why things often do not go as planned. Montreal stadium is famous for world's tallest inclined tower, but it is interesting to know that this stadium was actually finished only partially when the 1976 Olympics started. Now, tourists use a cable railway to observe the spectacular views of the Laurentian Mountains. All this has become possible due to that partially built stadium that forced authorities to spend $1.4 billion on its construction.

The Athens Olympics reminds us the first modern Olympics which took place back in 1896. Baron de Coubertin praised Panathenaic Stadium saying the modern Olympics Stadiums had met world with those sporting arenas that world witnessed during Greek and Roman eras. Panathenaic Stadium is a place where people can jog on the track along with the Olympians.

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