Laura Maudlin - Apr 1, 2013
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In 2014, Russian Sochi is going to host the Winter Olympic Games. Currently, the entire city is setting up new facilities to accommodate the different sports.

However, Sochi authorities are not going to let these facilities disappear. Resources have explained that the facilities will be dismantled and broken down to be brought to other cities afterwards.

The Games are going to take place less than a year from now. And some of the administrators are trying to find ways to use the facilities more efficiently once the events are finally over.

Throughout the history of the Olympic Games many stadiums were left unused after the Games ended. All of the facilities in Sochi are being built from the bottom down to the last small aspect.

According to the organizers only the largest facilities will stay. The Big Ice Arena and Fisht are the only two stadiums that will stay. The opening and closing ceremonies are going to take place at the Fisht arena. This exact arena is expected to host the World Football Championship in 2018 as well.

The media center of the Games will then become a complex of different shops and a wide range of restaurants. The hotels which are being made for the athletes competing at the Winter Games will be used as vacation homes in the future. It has been said that Sochi will soon turn into the modern city because of the new developments, broad highways, parks, trails, and all kinds of hotels.

Right now, around 600+ facilities have been made specifically for handicapped people. Sochi has lately become a new modernized area which can give people an exciting lifestyle.

Once the Games are over, this part of Russia is going to become one of the largest sports centers for education in sports. The Olympic University opened up in Sochi back in 2009. Their unique action packed sports program will come in handy since many of the graduates can help the athletes in 2014.

The school is being considered the "Harvard" of sports in Russia. They are currently being recognized by the Olympic Committee, so they will help prepare the athletes for anything they may need mentally for the Winter Games in Russia.

Tourism has changed rapidly with the numbers of tourists growing since the announcement that the next Winter Games will take place in Sochi. Organizers are expecting a large number of visitors during and after the Games.

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