Daniel A. Tanner - Jan 9, 2012
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Londoners have been eagerly anticipating this year’s main event – the Olympic and Paralympic games. England will be in the spotlight and is already preparing for a massive wave of visiting sports fans.

England is already preparing for an undisputed highlight of 2012 - the Olympic and Paralympic games. London is expecting a massive wave of tourists who will come to cheer for their country and enjoy the atmosphere of the games.

The city hotels offer plenty of rooms, yet the number of visitors will likely climb much higher. For that reason, several clever alternatives have been introduced which will hopefully cater for all.

Homestay accommodation will provide a unique chance to properly feel local color and perhaps have a different insider’s London experience. An interesting option is the Campinmygarden initiative; Londoner’s who own gardens simply offer their land for reasonable rent.

The Camping and Caravanning Club will also open several provisional sites, some of which will in fact be only 10 minutes away from the Olympic village. The company London Wicked Campervans also features motorhomes for rent which are both an ideal means of transport and a place to stay. These represent the cost-effective options which will hopefully appeal to many visitors and complement the 100,000 hotel rooms available in the city.

Olympic fans that have not been fortunate enough as to get the tickets will not miss out on anything. A great number of cultural, artistic as well as sporting events will be taking place throughout the year. Furthermore, Essex will host the mountain bike contest, football matches will be hosted in Coventry, Manchaster and Newcastle, Weymouth will feature sailing events and the canoe slalom will lure fans to the Lee Valley. Also, big screens will be scattered all over the country to make sure no one misses the games.

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