Ashley Nault - Jan 16, 2012
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A soviet aircraft carrier is to be transformed into a luxury hotel for tourists in China.

Chinese authorities have recently announced that tourism is now regarded a strategic industry for the national economy. According to Shao Qiwei, the head of the CNTA - National Tourism Administration of China, the number of luxury hotels in China is growing very fast to meet the increasing demand among international tourists.

Chinese tourists, especially the rich ones, are however looking for more, for something extraordinary. A new luxury hotel to be open soon is likely to meet their expectations.

In the Chinese city of Tianjin a former Soviet aircraft carrier is currently being transformed into a hotel – the first of its kind in the country. The hotel, which is to welcome first guests this year, will be part of Binhai Aircraft Military Theme Park. The park was opened in 2004 with the support of the government and was developed around the former Soviet cruiser "Kiev", which had been sold to China in 1996.

The investments in the hotel, which will include 148 rooms and three presidential suites, have already reached 15 million US dollars. The largest suite covers an area of ​​400 sq m.

Although the hotel aboard the aircraft carrier cannot currently accept guests, a restaurant Binhai Aircraft already opened its doors last December. The restaurant is quite popular thanks to the menu mainly including Russian dishes, reported

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