Bill Alen - Jul 9, 2012
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China needs to be recognized through a holistic, balanced and humble view. To be able to do a thorough review of the country, the best aspect to consider is the flying aspect. How well or bad has the Chinese airline industries been doing in the past few years?

The American and European businessmen and women who were given the opportunity to be the first visitors of the country were mostly concerned of being able to travel in safety. The confidence of these tourists lies in the fact that China had commercial aviation standards when it first opened to the West. Kissinger’s first flight to China via a Boeing 707 was a memorable one because according to him, the plane’s door opened 20 feet above the runway and he didn’t know if he needed to jump out to get out.

There are many aircraft problems China had before similar to Kissinger’s story and very large part of that has been resolved as of today.

China’s growing economy has a large debt to its aviator sector. The country’s effective airfreight is what makes it possible for the country to be reached by tourists because honestly, the location of the country does not favor anyone at all. The airlines are highly effective and convenient. This can be proven by the fact that when a person orders an iPad via online are shipped within days with the customer’s laser-etched name on the back.

The aviation sector of China does not only point out where it comes from, it also clearly shows where it intends to go. The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) represents the first forays that developed a national champion in this sector with the ARJ291 and C919. China was able to succeed in this because, unlike other airlines, they do not solely concentrate on the technological advancement of the airlines. They address all commercial issues to make sure that everyone outside of China will welcome this industry with open arms.

The success comes out in a different way and becomes a cycle of more challenges for the country. China has been so successful regarding ports, power stations, train lines and so on that the success brought up more problems.

China is either a country’s competitor or partner. This is mainly because it has been solid for so long. Though China and America have many differences when it comes to its ideals, America sees China as both a competitor and a partner. The fine line in between is expected to be managed smoothly in the future. Despite this fact, China was able to enter the global economy and it has benefited itself and all other countries, including America, in a large way.

The unanswered questions regarding this is something US-China relations students would surely enjoy in the answering in the future.

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