Andrew J. Wein - Apr 9, 2012
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China is one the world's top travel destinations. Oriental mysticism, exotic culture, historic tradition – all boils down to a state of wonderment that any traveler would want to unravel. Discover the top 8 treasures of China together with


Shanghai is among the top budget travel destinations of the world. It is one of China's key cities that give the best value for money. Recently, hotel rates had been slashed by around 47% with 5 star hotels averaging $197, down from previous rates of $300+. Shanghai is also the city where you find easy access to high speed trains that can take you to nearby historic destinations of Nanjing and Hangzhou. One of the famous landmarks of the city is the Bund, which was the seat of Shanghai's most powerful business enclaves in the in early 1900's.


Xi'an is China's ancient capital and the oldest city. It is home to ten dynasties including the Han and Tang dynasties. The city is replete with interesting architecture like the Big and Small Temples, and the Temple of Eight Immortals among others. The city’s biggest draw however is the army of terracotta warriors which was discovered in 1974. The warriors with distinct features, armaments and attires were buried in 210 BC with the first emperor of the Qin dynasty.


Sanya in Hainan province is considered among one of the top honeymoon destinations of local travelers. The site boasts of clean, pristine beaches, sunny and balmy weather, and sunsets that are always a sight to behold. All the romantic elements engulf you in a breezy paradise while taking a stroll on moonlit nights.

Xiahe and the Labrang Monastery (Gansu Province)

This is the most holy Tibetan monastery outside of the Tibetan autonomous region. There is a maze of narrow streets, crisscrossing and running counter of each other which can be confusing at times. The people though – Tibetan monks, pilgrims, tourists and residents – are generally friendly and easy to engage with. Visitors can experience the Tibetan culture while enjoying the chanting of monks and the various smells of incense filling the air.

Hua Shan (Shaanxi Province)

If mountain climbing fascinates you, there can be no other place to be than Hua Shan. It is one of five Daoist mountains in China and based on reviews from mountaineers, this place is simply magical and exhilarating.


Beijing is one of the ancient capital cities and the center of China's socio, political and cultural heritage. Among the historic sites in Beijing are: the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Beijing Capital Museum, Great Wall, Ming Tomb and many others.

Silk Road

The Silk Road in China is a trade route with 2,000 year long history. It traverses from Xian to Central and West Asia. It has a length of more than 2,000 miles, with half of it within Chinese territory. Following the road offers stunning views and historical attractions.

Hong Kong

It is the ultimate destination that blends both oriental and European traditions – where east meets west. The place boasts of several attractions of its own. Myriad shopping can be done and the sceneries blend in the different cultures to an exotic mix that can only be found in the exotic city.

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