Vanderlei J. Pollack - Nov 19, 2018
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In many countries around the world, the unstable political situation, the threat of terrorist attacks, or the high crime rate represent an incalculable risk for traveler safety. Other important issues include medical care and road conditions. Considering these factors, an interactive risk map for 2019 shows which are the most dangerous countries for travelers.  

In 2019, travelers can feel absolutely safe in only a few countries in the world, and all of them are located in Europe. This was revealed by the Travel Risk Map, published by the two companies SOS International and Control Risks. According to the map, the security risk while traveling in Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Norway, Slovenia and Switzerland is irrelevant.

Experts examined the current political situation and factors such as terrorist threats, social unrest and fraudulent offenses. Even kidnappings, which are a danger in some regions of the world, such as Latin America, are assessed. The output is divided into five safety levels: irrelevant, low, medium, high and extreme.

Although the annual report on traveler safety is intended primarily for business travelers, at the same time, it also offers a good orientation for leisure travelers when choosing a travel destination.

Europe – The Safest Region

Traveling is relatively safe not only in the eight European countries already mentioned, but almost everywhere in Europe. Thus, the risk for almost all EU states is classified as low.

There is also a low security risk in North America, parts of South America, China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, as well as in a few African countries such as Morocco, Senegal, Ghana, Namibia and Botswana.

Where Is Security Uncertain

In many other countries in Asia, Africa and the Americas, the risk is rated as medium, high, and even "extreme". Particularly dangerous are the border areas between Egypt and Israel, areas in the Gaza Strip, parts of Ukraine and the Central African Republic.

Travel Warnings

South Sudan

Regional Travel Warnings

Burkina Faso
Democratic Republic of Congo
El Salvador
Ivory Coast
Palestinian territories
Papua New Guinea
Parts of Ecuador
Parts of India

Countries with the Highest Health Risk

Not only the risk of terrorist attacks or an unstable political situation can be a danger to foreign tourists, but also epidemics and poor medical care.
According to the analysis, the greatest health risks are in Africa, where medical care in many countries is still unavailable, especially outside the capitals. Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan are among the countries with the highest health risk, as well as North Korea, Haiti and Venezuela. Europe, North America and Australia are considered relatively safe in this regard.

Road Safety

Another issue that has been scrutinized by SOS International and Control Risks and presented in a separate category is the road safety. From this it is possible to evaluate not only quality of the roads across destinations but also whether special laws, such as seat belt, speed limit or alcohol ban at the wheel, are applied.

The highest risk in road traffic therefore exists in a large part of the African states, in Saudi Arabia, in Oman, in Iran, in Kazakhstan, Thailand and Vietnam as well as in the Dominican Republic. It is also more dangerous on the roads of Russia, China, Mongolia, Malaysia and Myanmar, and the risk is high in Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Guatemala, and several other states in Africa and the Middle East. Across Europe, in the North American countries and Australia travelers hardly need to be worry about road safety, here the risk is rated as very low to low.

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  1. Biased article


    I am from Kenya and I find your article to be extremely biased on Africa.
    Please take time to visit us before judging so harshly.
    I am truly unhappy with your findings as I can confirm that the statistics on Africa are not true.

    Thank you.

    Catherine (Kenya)
  2. Radical Article

    Just say you are a company promoting Tourism in Europe and that your finding are vehemently racial based on Africa.

    Thank you.

    Patrick (Kenya)
  3. It’s actually not a bad article

    As someone who had to study all types of demographics on various countries I can say this article is neither biased nor racist. It’s a different experience to visit a country as a native v. a tourist. Yes, Europe is the best place to visit for tourism. Do I wish it was that way? No. I just have to swallow the facts instead of pointing fingers.

    Mariya (USA)

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