PROFESSIONAL/ Investing in Tourism Security

Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, as well as South Africa – all of these countries face serious terror threats. Are they implementing more security measures? What is the safety of tourists in these countries?



South African Tourism Faces Security Concerns

Sara Thopson

The governments of UK, USA and Australia recently warned their citizens against visiting South Africa owing to a high threat of terror attacks especially at shopping malls. The governments stated that attackers are targeting locations frequented by foreigners in Cape Town and Johannesburg. South African tourism authorities however insist that the country is safe for all visitors. According to British authorities, there is increased threat partly because of the Holy month of Ramadhan. The deci...

New Security Measures: Egypt Invests $32 Million in Tourism Safety

Wayne M. Gore

Egyptian government announced allocating $32 million to enhance and improve the security measures in the country. The tourism industry in Egypt which has been suffering for more than five years is experiencing a glimmer of hope following the decision of the United Nations World Tourism Organization to host a couple of its major meetings in Luxor later this year. The gatherings, expected to draw 400 to 600 visitors, would give a boost to the tourism industry in the ancient city located along the...

Security in Tunisia Is No. 1 Priority

William Law

What will be the long term effects of Tunisia’s government sacrifices to ensure greater security? While the country might be handling domestic security well, there is a lingering threat posed by the apparent permanency of emergency powers. The 2011 Tunisian revolution originally excited everyone as it seemed to be the only success story in the bleak times but soon their joy was dampened in the realization that there was modern day terrorism to deal with. In June last year, a lone gunman fat...

Turkey Focuses on the Safety of Tourists

Samuel Dorsi

Turkey witnessed yet another attack in the first week of June when a bomb blast ripped apart a police vehicle that was passing through the central Beyazit district of Istanbul. The blast killed four civilians and seven officers. The site of the bomb explosion, Vezneciler metro station area, is just walking distance away from main tourist attractions of the city, which includes the famous Suleymaniye Mosque. Prior to this, in March, a suicide bomb exploded on the Istiklal Street, a place frequen...