Theodore Slate - Apr 16, 2018
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Mexican cartel wars are becoming a bigger and bigger problem for the country. Currently, violent incidents such as shootings are spreading even to the tourist destinations, for example Cancun.

In just 36 hours, fourteen people were murdered in Cancun recently. Every death is suspected to be related to the ongoing cartel wars in the country.

April 4 has gone down in history as the day with the highest number of killings in Cancun. This was the worst shooting in the city since 2004 and it happened amid thousands of tourists enjoying their Spring Break in the tourist destination.

It was an alarming event, considering the fact that tourists are coming to Cancun in masses. According to Statista, 6.76 million international tourists arrived in the destination last year. The same source predicts the number to rise to 9.09 million by 2025. However, it is hard to predict the actual outcome considering the recent violence.

In the total count of 2018, the figure rose to 113 killings. This was enough for foreign countries releasing warning alerts to their citizens. For example, the British foreign office warned against travelling to the famous tourist destination.

In March this year, the US State Department did the same with respect to the Playa del Carmen resort. This resort lies between Cancun and Tulum.

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