Nils Kraus - Jun 16, 2014
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The two countries have signed agreements to intensify their collaboration on the subjects of tourism and small to medium businesses, inside the meeting between the delegations the countries had in La Moncloa.

The Minister of Industry, Energy, and Tourism, Jose Manuel Soria, along with the Mexican Secretary of Tourism, Claudia Ruiz, signed an agreement to improve cooperation for promotion, advice, project qualifications, competitiveness, and the use of renewable energy in tourism, such as the model of building hotels to achieve energy efficiency.

Spain will also share the experience of its hostel model and will facilitate the job together with the State Society for the Development of Innovation and Touristic Techniques (Segitur) for the development of the Mexican model of “Intelligent Destination.”
Also, a follow-up commission will assure the compliance of the stated activities of the program and will decide, in each concrete case, the method for financing the planned actions with previous authorization from the authority empowered to do so.

This commission will create a calendar of activities in which the places where the described activities are to be developed will be established. In addition, Spain and Mexico have agreed to widen their cooperation within the framework of the Global Tourism Organization (OMT), of the OCDE, and other organizations or international forums.

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