Feb 17, 2014
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Tourism in the country has grown 12 thousand 302 million dollars in revenue.

Mexico received almost 11.8 million of international tourists by air in 2013, a figure higher than 10.8 million from the year before according to the Integrated System for Immigration Operations, the secretary of tourism informed recently.

The ministry added in a press release that last December the growth in visitors was 7.8 percent compared with the same month of 2012.

Tourism addressed that the higher number of foreign visitors was from the United States with 6.5 million of tourists, which represented an increase of 9 percent in respect to the data registered in the previous year.

It added that tourists originating from Canada increased 1.8 percent in comparison to 2012. While visitors from Colombia increased 60.4 percent; from Russia 39.9 percent; Peru, 39 percent; China, 26.6 percent; Korea, 24.4 percent; Sweden, 17.1 percent; United Kingdom, 14 percent and Japan, 13.5 percent.

According to figures from the Bank of Mexico, in the first 11 months of 2013 the country received 21.2 million international tourists which left a revenue of 302 million 12 thousand dollars, a greater figure of 8.79 percent from the same period in 2012.
Tourism is the third largest source of foreign exchange for the country after remittance sent abroad by Mexicans and oil export.

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