Joe McClain - May 26, 2014
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Profits from international visitors in Mexico reached 4.4 billion dollars (3.2 billion euros) in the first trimester of the year, which is an increase of 14.8% in the number reached at the same time the year before, according to figures from the Bank of Mexico (Banxico).

Mexico already recorded, in 2013, record statistics in foreign currency earnings and reached 13.8 billion dollars (10.1 billion euros) which was considered the best year in its tourism history.

According to the statistics from Banxico, profits from foreign visitors, in March, topped off at 1.6 billion dollars (1.2 billion euros), which is an increase of 14.2% in comparison with the same month of 2013 when it reached 1.4 billion dollars (1.0 billion euros).

Profits from air tourism had the largest growth with 18.5%, reaching 1.3 billion dollars (982 million euros) which is 82% of the economic value generated by international tourism.

A fact that stands out is that the average spending per tourist coming via air travel grew 10.7% in March, reaching 969 dollars (706 euros).

The Mexican tourism secretary assures us that these statistics are a consequence of the touristic policy brought about by the federal government which motivated the foreign currency earnings on top of the arrival of international tourists.

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