Samuel Dorsi - Jun 27, 2011

Mauritius is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and popular destinations for honeymooners. Romantic seems to be its most characteristic attribute and thousands of couples come there every year to start their lives together.

Mauritius is a striking island in the Indian Ocean which lies east of Madagascar. For years, it has been celebrated as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations of all time. Perhaps thanks to its location as well as striking setting and the many cultural influences present there. A multicultural blend of African, Asian as well as European elements creates a wonderful atmosphere and is clearly visible in local impressive cuisine range.

There are many reasons why Mauritius is sought after as the newly-weds’ paradise. Thanks to its seclusion, the country seems far away from the rest of the world and offers a charming setting of tranquility and romance. Local crystal clear waters are ideal for snorkeling and one of local signature activities on offer is wreck-diving. Those who wake up on their lazy sides will enjoy boat trips in local waters or spend their sunny days relaxing on local gorgeous beaches lined with palm trees.

Luxury seems to be a popular word there and the quality of services is unrivalled. Especially spa and golf resorts are true to their reputation, as well as local hotels. The Beau Rivage resort on the Belle Mare beach features villas which come with their own 24-hour butler, private pools and terraces.  

Mauritius cuisine is praised all over the world, or rather its diversity. From exotic Malaysian and spicy Thai, mouth-watering dishes are on offer in many local restaurants. Royal Palm hotel features three restaurants with a colorful selection of dishes. Similarly, the Dinarobin Hotel Golf and Sap or the Paradis Hotel & Golf Club are famed for their culinary art and are very popular resorts.

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