Tomas Haupt - Nov 20, 2017

Honeymoon is one of the most important vacations for many couples. Some places attract the future husband and wife with fantastic activities, beautiful nature, and unique experiences. present five of the most interesting honeymoon destinations around the world.

Adventurous Honeymoon: Amazon Cruise

Who ever said that the jungle with its snakes, serpents, spiders and other creatures isn't romantic? Onboard a pirogue, in a comfortable cabin with a great view of the river and tropical forest, embark on a cruise combining adventure and romance!
On your journey between Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador, you will quickly forget about your everyday lives and abandon yourselves to the adventure. On the program: moments of relaxation on the pirogue, unforgettable encounters with different ethnic groups from the region, guided walks in the jungle during which you will encounter monkeys, jaguars, sloths, tapirs.

Cold-Lovers Honeymoon: Lapland

Be it in Sweden or Finland, Lapland is a truly unique honeymoon destination. Here, the traditional turquoise lagoons give way to frozen lakes as well as jet-ski and dog sled rides.
Imagine renting a small wooden log cabin, lost in nature, and falling asleep in the evening close to a fire while admiring aurora borealis from your window. The feeling of being cut off from the rest of the world, being bathed in the peculiar light of the Far North and engaging in winter activities will transform this honeymoon journey into an unforgettable memory!

Biker Honeymoon: Road Trip across the U.S.

If you and your companion share a real passion for biking, why not fly to Los Angeles, rent one or two bikes, and set off across America. You can either opt for a classic road trip or take Route 66 all the way to Chicago! Don't miss your chance to stop at romantic motels along the way and don't forget to visit the emblematic destinations such as the Grand Canyon or Yosemite. Travel tip: make a stop in Las Vegas to renew your vows and experience an American wedding!

Literary Honeymoon: The Orient-Express

Are you both fans of Agatha Christie novels? If so, pay homage to your favorite author by honeymooning on the Orient-Express, the mythical and luxurious train which travels across Europe. On board, everything is done to make you feel at home away from home. All the while, you will be able to admire famous landscapes from the comfort of mysterious, luxurious and refined surroundings.

Nature-Lovers Honeymoon: Iceland

If you enjoy the wilderness, find yourselves an inexpensive flight to Reykjavik and enjoy a total change of scenery in a honeymoon destination only few hours flying time away from most European capitals!
It is hard to find a more romantic country than Iceland, but few couples choose it as their honeymoon destination. Until April, this destination also offers a unique experience: a view of the northern lights from your hotel room's hot tub!

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