Andrea Hausold - Dec 28, 2022
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When thinking about a honeymoon, images of champagne on the beach, romantic dinner in the sunset, massages, and walks along the surf emerge in minds. Classic honeymoon dream destinations such as the Maldives or Bali are quasi-emblematic of this idea.

Honeymoon styles however have changed in recent years. For many, it's no longer just about relaxing. Couples often don't conform, women, in particular, like to relax with a book on the beach, while men often find that rather boring. Combination trips could satisfy both needs. Here are some recommendations for certain types of couples.

For Adventure Seekers:

If you like it a bit more exotic, consider, for example, Jamaica as a honeymoon destination. On the Caribbean Island, you can enjoy hiking to Dunn's River Falls, which gained fame in the James Bond classic "Dr. No." Swim in natural pools or raft on bamboo rafts: Jamaica has more than beaches on offer.

If you are looking for something in Europe, Crete could be an option. The largest Greek island offers many options for hiking, you can visit caves as well as ancient palaces and take off-road tours through the mountains.

In general, nature experiences are also much in demand. South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia, Bali, Sri Lanka and Seychelles could be recommended as such honeymoon styles travel destinations.

For Couples with Children:

For them, Mauritius could be a good option. The country has a good health care system and often children stay for free in the hotels there - then you only have to pay for the flight tickets for the kids. In general, people in the country are very child-friendly. In addition, Mauritius is a year-round destination, which can be an advantage, for example, with regard to choosing vacation times, to which parents are often bound. Summer, for example, is a low season there and therefore favorable in terms of pricing.

Another option would be the Dominican Republic - an ideal family destination. The Caribbean country scores with flat sandy beaches, opportunities for whale-watching tours, or for a side trip to the capital Santo Domingo with the Los Tres Ojos National Park with its underground lagoons.

For Sporty Couples:

The destination of choice here would be La Réunion. The French overseas department is known as the hiker's paradise. You can go canyoning and rafting, kayaking and diving.

Also, Madeira is in the play for sporty and adventurous couples. The reasons are high-quality hotels, a year-round spring-like climate and hikes along the levadas. The artificial watercourses run through the Portuguese island and are one of its trademarks.

Some honeymoon experts name Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, the seaside resort on the Red Sea at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. This is a diving paradise with colorful coral reefs.

Relaxing Is the Priority:

Here comes the classic. For couples looking for relaxation, there's hardly a more suitable destination than the Maldives. The daily routine consists of eating, bathing, diving, and sleeping, it doesn't get any better on the subject of romantic togetherness.

For those who are in the mood for fine beaches, they can also consider the Riviera Maya on the Caribbean coast of Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. There are also alternative programs here, such as the Mayan site of Tulum, which is located by the sea.

Bridal Discounts

Good to know: When it comes to the price, getting married can pay off - that's why you should definitely make it clear when booking that you're booking a honeymoon. In some cases, hotels offer up to a 100 percent bridal discount for the room or villa. Then the prices are cut in half.

Usually, the prerequisite is that you can show a copy of the marriage certificate and that the wedding ceremony did not take place long ago. According to the expert, you should have married a maximum of one year before. Sometimes, the deadline for these discounts is also half a year, depending on the destination and hotel. In addition, there are often discounts on excursions, dinners or massages, as well as welcome gifts to the room.

Some experts particularly highlight Mauritius when it comes to such honeymoon offers.

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