Gregory Dolgos - Jun 6, 2022
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Adults only hotels are hotels that have been designed solely for the enjoyment of the older members of the family. Their objective is to offer guests a relaxed, calm and peaceful environment, without the hustle and bustle of children.

It should be noted that hotels for adults only do not discriminate against children; on the contrary, their purpose is to provide visitors with relaxation time through exclusive spaces intended for wellness and adapted to the tastes of each visitor.

Statistics show that there are more than 1,000 hotels around the world that follow this concept. A significant share of these properties are in Spain. In the Balearic Islands alone, approximately 100 complexes have been built for this market niche and more of them are on the way.

What Is a Hotel for Adults Only?

Adults only hotels focus on making the client have everything they need in an environment full of relaxation and tranquility, and without restrictions. Their mission is to help, especially couples, to live moments of intimacy as in the trips they used to make as sweethearts or with a group of friends.

Most of these places are characterized by being high-end or luxury resorts. They also stand out for an abundant and quality gastronomic offer as well as first class leisure activities. Comfort and modernity are omnipresent as well as many services for the tourist to enjoy such as spas, jacuzzis, personalized yoga and meditation classes, beauty treatments, among others.

For those who are married, these adults-only hotels are the perfect place for a second honeymoon.

Advantages of Adult-only Hotels

Staying at an adults-only resort has several important advantages such as:

  • Enjoy a few days of relaxation with your partner and forget about routine for a while
  • The attention you receive in a hotel for adults is exceptional. You can see the dedication of the staff to provide you with an exclusive service
  • Tranquility is perceived not only in the silence of the place but also in its construction. The furniture evokes a feeling of peace and harmony
  • The entertainment programs at the hotel are top-notch. You relive what it's like to go out at night and have a drink without looking at the time
  • The experience is much more personalized and unique. The guests will feel that the place has been prepared just for them, thus satisfying their needs and turning them into memorable moments

Who Makes up the Adults Only Segment?

The name says it all, adults-only hotels are for adults only and do not allow children. The minimum age allowed is between 16 and 18 years old.

But, in many cases, even if it's back to the cliché, age is just a number. Beyond this limit, adult hotels profile a defined offer for a specific type of user. The typical adult hotel guest is a sophisticated, upscale individual who is fond of enjoying a vacation with a touch of relaxation, and disconnection to recover those couple's moments that are sometimes lost in routine.

The spirit of the Caribbean is maintained, although with an important evolution, in the 70's, the territory where the Adults Only concept was born as alternative destinations for romantic getaways or traditional and unforgettable honeymoons.

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