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UNESCO describes the hotel entertainment concept as social practices that stimulate the initiative and participation of communities in the process of their own evolution and in the course of the socio-political life in which they are immersed.

According to the World Tourism Organization (WTO), tourist or hotel entertainment is all the actions that a group or collective carries out with the purpose of fostering communication and ensuring social life.

Hence, entertainment includes events of a playful nature and those that for one reason or another have recreational purposes.

Importance of Tourist Entertainment

Nowadays hotel entertainment has a great value for many guests and more and more entertainment activities in hotels are created to entertain tourists and establish a closer and long-term relationship with them.

For this reason, entertainment is considered to be of utmost importance for resorts because:

It is a way to keep 'busy' those customers who prefer to live at the hotel

It is presented as a communication mechanism between people and different groups

Encourages encounters and a more direct relationship with the host cultures

Free time during the vacations is used to the fullest

It brings out certain skills and abilities of the participants

Tourists take away memorable memories that will surely make them repeat the experience in the future

What Are the Types of Hotel Entertainment?

There are different types of tourist entertainment:

Participatory tourist entertainment

Active tourists who like to be fully involved in the activities of the locals are the main fans of participatory tourist entertainment. In this kind of tourist entertainment, you will find dancing, handicrafts, theater plays and board games.

Contemplative tourist entertainment

Contemplative tourist entertainment is ideal for guests who prefer to observe rather than participate. They are not active at all, instead they enjoy activities that involve stillness such as watching a dance show, magic or attending a sporting event.

Socio-cultural entertainment

Generally, this type of entertainment is used to entertain seniors. So yoga classes, spa sessions, bingo and board games such as cards are among their favorites.

Tourist entertainment on cruise ships

Cruises are already entertainment on another level. All kinds of activities can be practiced on them, even with a touch of exclusivity. Here, dance shows, musicals, small concerts and even some of them have casinos and other venues for travelers who want to leave the routine behind and dive into luxury for a few days.

Sports entertainment

Sports entertainment is intended for those who, even while on vacation, want to stay in shape. They are always looking for activities that require physical effort and that have that touch of competition and group or individual challenge.

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