Alec Hills - Feb 28, 2014

From Brazil to the Maldives, many countries around the world are battling to become must-visit top honeymoon destination 2014. However, with so much choice, newlyweds can be a bit overwhelmed when it comes to deciding on a country, city, or resort. It all depends of course upon individual tastes. Perhaps you want a quiet beach retreat or an action-packed activity trip? A trek through the mountains or a serene spa break? Below is a quick guide to some of the locations tipped to be hot this year.


While 2014 sees the start of the long-awaited soccer World Cup in June, Brazil has a lot more to offer and couples would be well advised to head there to sample the wonders of this beautiful country. Red hot spots include the secluded and remote romantic getaway of Paraty, which can be found on the coastline around halfway between Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo, and the classic decadence of Copacabana and Ipanema, which boast a number of attractions for newlyweds from across the world to become on the top honeymoon destinations 2014 among others.

St Lucia

Tempting white sandy beaches, beautiful, rich forests and the sight of the striking Piton mountains all make St Lucia a stunning Caribbean Island paradise. Perfect for couples on honeymoon, mini-moon or simply a romantic break, St Lucia is a unique mix of ultimate relaxation and adventurous water sports, including sailing, scuba diving and mountain climbing – perfect for couples who want to do something that little bit different.


Surrounded by the vast and picturesque Indian Ocean, the Maldives have long been seen as the ultimate getaway, with many celebrities heading there for the quiet seclusion and charming relaxation of the islands. Visitors can opt for private beach barbeques, deluxe villas, world-class service and, if needed, island hopping from the capital Male, to some of the region’s most undisturbed islands. Perfect for honeymooners who really want to get away from civilisation for a while. So, with no doubs, Maldives desrves its position among top honeymoon destinations 2014.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Looking to experience the wondrous unspoiled sights of Turkey? Then head to Cappadocia, a remote region that allows plenty of opportunities for walking and exploring. The stunning fairy chimneys and other rock formations offer a unique view of the country, and can even be viewed by hot air balloon, with the equally beautiful Pigeon Valley and Mt Erciyes visible in the distance. Couples can stay at Argos, a former monastery that has been lovingly restored, as well as exploring the nearby Uchisar Castle. Round off your evenings by watching the sun set for the ultimate romantic experience.

Bali, Indonesia

Often named as a ‘must-visit’ destination by couples and travellers alike, Bali is the jewel in Indonesia’s crown. Home of crystal clear seas, white sandy beaches and very friendly locals, the island also lets visitors experience a number of local spa treatments, such as spice body massages and couples massages for newlyweds. Visit lakes, rice paddies and volcanoes and stay in top-class intimate hotels where the service has all of the personal touches that will make you trip special.

Whether you jet to Bali, the Maldives or Brazil – 2014 is the year to make new discoveries and meet interesting characters on your honeymoon. Just pick up your favourite among the top honeymoon destinations 2014.

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  1. I think the writer of this article is way out of date in relation to Brazil at least. Paraty is a beautiful historical coastal town in Brazil some 4-5 hours drive from Rio de Janeiro and it is indeed a great place for a honeymoon, but it is neither secluded nor remote and hasn't been for at least 10 years. There are some great hidden pousadas there and there are some great secluded pousadas but you'll have to get way outside the town to get anything resembling remote and the place is heaving with people duriong the many weekend festivals.

    Alison McGowan- Hidden Pousadas Brazil (Brazil)
  2. Last time that I visited Lake Titicaca it was in Peru! So much for spell check!

    Mary Marks (USA)

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