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Today, more and more couples consider getting married at special places or havens making their biggest day an unforgettable event. As cruises are getting one of the favourite options for honeymooners it suggested itself to combine the cruise with the actual wedding ceremony. Five years ago practically no one was married on sea or actually on a cruise ship but trends changed and now thousands of couples are getting married on a cruise ship per year. But what are the options you have when you decide for a cruise ship wedding?


Mainly, the big cruise lines are offering cruise ship weddings. Among the options offered to the couples are having the ceremony in port before the ship sets sail, having the ceremony shipboard in one of the ports of call, or having a shore side wedding in one of the ports of call. Only some special cruise lines have the possibility to offer you a wedding at sea where the captain is authorized to marry you. In this case there is the possibility to use the live web cam to let all your friends back home take part in your special day.


If you choose having the ceremony ashore or while the ship is in a port of call all your guest can join the wedding without having to book a cruise. If you want all your friends and family to join the wedding and your honeymoon you better consult a professional wedding planer. They can offer you one of the existing wedding packages. Most of those packages include flowers, chairs, food and flights and cruise ship accommodation for all party guests. But be sure you book your wedding packages well in advance because it needs a lot of planning and the popularity of this kind of events is increasing immensely.


Couples looking for something quite special should contact one of the bigger cruise lines and ask for the possibility to fly by helicopter to a glacier and be married right on the top of Alaska. Another option might be to have the wedding set on one of the big cruise lines’ private islands which guarantees the couple the full attention of all guests.


Whatever you choose there will always be a nice package of your choice. The experts are trying to fulfil all wishes and make your wedding a real special event you will never forget. And surely there will be some more special and crazy ideas to come concerning cruise ship weddings.



By Wiebke Wohlfahrt

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