Samuel Dorsi - Feb 27, 2023
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The use of mobile phones and other gadgets, artificial intelligence, big data, and new ways of working are transforming the tourism sector.

Over the years, tourism has found in technology one of its main allies to offer better services and reach more and more travelers around the world. Consumer habits, the personalization of the offer and the different ways of acquiring the dream trip are some of the innovations that are trending in tourism.

The travel industry is constantly looking to innovate. With the massification of technology and the boom of AI (Artificial Intelligence), we stop focusing on what we have to offer to focus on what travelers are looking for.

Today, tourism continues to evolve and, in line with this, Tourism Review presents some of the main technological trends that are redefining industry development.

Office Anywhere

In recent times, teleworking has become a part of the lives of many people and companies. This has had a great impact on tourism, causing travelers to take the office not only home but also on their trips, seeking to change space for a few days without having to disconnect from their jobs.

Coworking areas inside hotels are becoming increasingly important, becoming dynamic spaces with all the amenities to spend a working day at home. Optimal connectivity is no longer an added value, but a must-have feature.

The teleworking experience, something that most people have become accustomed to in recent years, opens up more opportunities to combine work and leisure. It also proposes new ways of traveling such as temporary rentals, a trend that is growing exponentially. More and more travelers are opting for vacation rentals as it allows them to connect pleasure with work.

Mobile First

It is a fact that the economic situation of the last few years has boosted e-commerce worldwide.

Mobile First companies point to the evolution in this sense. The mobile approach becomes essential in the destination since our passengers travel with their cell phones and it is through them that we decide to accompany them on their journey. During the third quarter of 2022, mobile sales accounted for 46% of transactions.

AI and Big Data

Today's traveler is looking to make simpler and more effective decisions. For this, developments such as Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and Big Data, have become allies trending in tourism, because it is essential to decipher the new travel habits, to offer consumers what they are really looking for.

Thus, through mathematical and predictive models, offers are optimized according to the characteristics and interests of each one. From this, and through the use of self-developed algorithms, we generate proposals designed for each client according to the trip they wish to make.

Innovation and technology are the backbones of the entire operation, providing rigor, efficiency and speed in all processes.

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