Samuel Dorsi - Mar 6, 2023
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An estimated 474 million tourists traveled abroad between January and July 2022, up from 175 million in 2021, indicating that international tourism continues to rebound. But how will we travel in 2033? A global study, 'Travel Tribes 2033', identifies traveler profiles and travel patterns that will develop over the next 10 years.

The report has examined the future forces of change that will transform travel, along with travelers' personality traits, travel patterns and new preferences, to understand exactly what travelers will want a decade from now.

The study suggests that many travelers will be open to new and emerging technologies and will want to travel more sustainably.

However, and with some travelers concerned about the proliferation of technology and the growing need for cybersecurity and data privacy, the industry must work together to ensure that all travelers benefit from technological advances. Here are the top traveler profiles according to the study:

Experience Seekers

This group has a "try and see" attitude to life and travel. Forty-four percent are childless and have middle- or high-income jobs with flexible work options, allowing them to explore the world with ease.

The "Anti-planners"

They live by the motto You only live once. They are more likely than other travelers to act on instinct, making them the "anti-planners" of 2033, preferring less predictable and more exciting lodging experiences.

They are also open to technology that helps them "speed up" certain aspects of their trip, and many expect to use artificial intelligence (AI) in the airport environment.

Memory Makers

The travel pattern of this group is more simplified: making memories and visiting places. Forty-four percent are 42 years old or older and are set in their ways during travel.

The future can be daunting for them. They prioritize people and value technology and sustainability less; they are comfortable with existing methods.

However, despite their skepticism about technology, they are excited about virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) pre-tours and most are expected to use VR tours and visits before purchasing travel.

Travel Tech-fluencers

This group includes today's young, forward-thinking business travelers. Forty-eight percent of the group is under the age of 32 and their outlook on life is represented by the number of tech devices they own.

However, there is discord when it comes to what excites them and what worries them about the future of technology and travel.

While many want to travel sustainably, they seem to be more aware of the sustainability options around their mode of travel than where they will be staying.

Pioneer Explorers

Individuals in this group lead fast-paced lives, always on the lookout for their next adventure. Their life is in full swing and 82% are between the ages of 23 and 41.

They like to plan, but are not afraid of risk and are open to new experiences. This group is more willing than others to let sustainability influence their decisions.

They will also be very comfortable using all alternative forms of payment in 2033, whether through cryptocurrencies or within a virtual reality environment.

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