Joe McClain - Apr 2, 2023
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Our natural resources are drying up. Whether we like it or not, whether our customers like it or not, we must gradually prepare ourselves for major changes. We must ask ourselves some essential questions for the tourism industry's future.

Five fictional (or not) scenarios for tourism for the year 2050...

  1. Hyper-globalization

It is the continuity of today's world, driven by the thirst for consumption. Consumers are in a continual Black Friday, the whole world is becoming an amusement park.

  1. Techno-transhumanism

Elon Musk's scenario points out that technology will save us and sometimes "lead to our downfall". A world where GAFAM (Tech Giants) dominates, where all, including the climate, can be changed. Travelers do tourism from couch, in the metaverse, and suddenly we don't pollute anymore. This would be rather a nightmare than a dream, especially for tour operators and travel agents.

  1. Deglobalization

In this scenario, Donald Trump's son is elected... With populists coming to power, borders are closing. For tourism, people retreat in their own country. So, there is less travel, which inevitably leads to a slowdown in carbon emissions.

  1. The Collapse

"The collapsologists' scenario" resulting from shortages, and leading to a climate of war.

  1. Resilience

The most “sympathetic scenario”, based on the greening of the economy. Everyone plays the game to better manage resources. And there, the trip becomes rare, therefore worthful. It's not movie-like entertainment, but something exceptional that has value.

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