Richard Moor - Oct 31, 2022
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Despite the latest digital trends, working the hotel's social networks is still not valued as a central strategy in hotel marketing: especially if we compare its value with that represented by SEO and SEM actions.

Social networks are an essential part of the daily life of most of the world's population, and are one of the first information references for consumers. With these data on the table it does not seem a crazy idea to give more prominence to the social networks of your accommodation.

Hotel’s Social Networks as a Marketing Strategy

When looking for tourist accommodation, most users resort directly to search engines such as those found in OTAs like Booking, or directly to the comparative results offered by Google itself.

However, it is undeniable that social networks are one of the largest and most profitable showcases where any product or company can be promoted: according to the study carried out by passport-photo online, 31% of respondents would not be willing to stop using social networks for a year for less than between 4888 and 9774 euros.

Social platforms are of vital importance to consumers when it comes to comparison shopping and decision-making. In addition, with the rise of telecommuting, 37% of remote workers spend more time on social networks than when they work face-to-face.

Social Media Strategies for Hotels

Millennials and centennials (Generation Z) are the age segments that most value tourism experiences, and, in fact, the younger generations are the biggest consumers of social networks.

Although a priori it seems that the area of social media does not fit so well with the image of the hotel industry, the reality is that trends have changed. Not only in terms of tourist travel, but also remote work has implemented a new way of traveling and tourism.

On the other hand, we must take into account the virality that this information channel can create. In a matter of seconds, information on networks can have a massive reach, and that is why it is so valuable to implement effective strategies for a hotel's social networks.

Connect Your Offer to Trends

Trends are managed on social networks, and it is important to be aware of what is moving on these channels to adapt to the new needs of our guests. It is also the most effective platform for gathering feedback on user experiences.

This same perspective is what will help us qualify our content to trendy events and the most viral news, such as presenting unique offers on special days (like Black Friday) or positioning accommodation services in events that can help spread the brand.

This social media analysis will help to direct and adapt the content to a more effective approach, optimizing brand visibility even in low season.

On the other hand, in networks, any hotel also has the opportunity to study how competitors’ digital strategies work, and what kind of audience is interested in their services.

Link Social Media All the Hotel's Profiles

Nowadays, many networking platforms are directly aimed at establishing contact with companies or with each other, as we see on LinkedIn or WhatsApp Business. Taking these platforms as an example, linking them with your hotel facilitates direct contact with the interested user.

In addition to these tools, it should also be considered those offered by Google itself, such as its accommodation meta comparison and the Google MyBussines listing.

It is crucial to take care and keep updated the business card displayed on Google Maps showing the address and contact details of the hotel: you cannot neglect one of the aspects that the user values most when choosing accommodation, which is the location of the hotel.

Keep in mind that if you have a hotel chain with different hotels scattered around the world, you will have to keep an active tab for each of these accommodations, so that the user can find the one that suits them best according to the destination.

Keeping this Google MyBussines listing up to date also has the function of optimizing the SEO strategy of the hotel, and providing all kinds of details about the accommodation that can facilitate the user's decision-making.

Multimedia Content Is the Workable Thing

Platforms such as TikTok, Instagram TV and YouTube lead the networking sector, and it is no coincidence. Audiovisual content is the most consumed by users, which has become far superior to any other information channel.

When this content is quick to view (usually no more than 3 minutes), has an introduction that can engage the user and the information is useful or interesting, the networking strategy can ensure success.

On the other hand, network algorithms, as with Google in the case of SEO strategies, reward content based on their own criteria and support it with a greater reach. Each platform uses a different algorithm, so be sure to adapt your content to the filter set by each of them.

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