Justin N. Froyd - Apr 11, 2023
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Many times, marketing is based on visual content presented to potential clients to attract them to one’s services. Any tourism communication campaign should be planned well-using quality sources of content. There are several ways of obtaining visuals with various topics – all of them, however, have pros and cons.

Image banks

These sites offer thousands of photos and illustrations to use in your communication. There is something for everyone. Several factors can influence the budget: rights coverage (geographical area, web and/or print use...), photographer's reputation. Some of the best-known image banks are Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, iStock (Getty).

Advantage: There are millions of images available. For generic illustration content, you'll easily find something you like.

Disadvantages: The content may disappoint you if your request is too specific. Some platforms only offer sanitized photos, especially when they feature humans.

Professional photographers and videographers

For more specific needs related to tourism communication strategy, it is possible to hire a photographer or videographer (also called a photojournalist).

Advantage: You frame the mission according to your needs! Be careful to make sure that the service contract specifies in black and white the conditions of use of the contents: possible restrictions, validity of the rights etc.

Disadvantage: It is necessary to consider an important budget especially since beyond the shooting and the post-production can be added other expenses. Extras, hairstyling, make-up or voice-overs are all parameters to be anticipated in your expression of needs.

Content creation agencies

Agencies offer tailor-made creative services for all types of content ranging from illustration to the production of turnkey campaigns that meet specific needs.

Advantages: There are agencies of varying sizes and specialization depending on your needs. Local actors will have a stronger knowledge of the field and competitive rates.

On the other hand, larger structures will be able to coordinate different trades to ensure overall consistency.

Disadvantages: It all depends on your needs and constraints. It should be noted that some agencies will propose long-term support rather than a punctual mission. Take this into account when prioritizing your budget.

Creative contests

Creative contests are an original way to create visual material for your communication, by proposing to content creators to participate by creating visuals related to your activity, with prizes to win or rewards as a thank you.

Advantages: The content creators can be professionals or not. It will depend on your needs and expectations.

Disadvantage: The organization of this type of participative mechanism can be very time-consuming, with no guarantee of return on investment.

Collaborations with content creators

Content creators offer to create original and quality visuals for tourism communication campaigns. These collaborations with what are usually called influencers can lead to tailor-made creations according to your specific needs. Often this is in line with a specific tone or editorial line.

Advantage: Using influencers can be a real gas pedal for your visibility.

Disadvantage: Using influencers has a cost, often not negligible. It all depends on their audience and your expectations. It is also important to select those truly relevant to what you want to communicate, especially to the audience you are trying to reach.

UGC (Users generated contents), available on social networks

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Go take a look on Instagram! With 100 million photos and videos posted every day, there is no shortage of volume. Rest assured, it is not a question of recovering with impunity the creations of others.

Advantages: Pick from hundreds of thousands of contents already available.

Disadvantage: You have to make sure that the transfer of rights is framed in such a way that you can use this content without any problem.

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