Samuel Dorsi - Jun 20, 2016
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A recent study carried out by the international portal for hotel booking, Hotel Info, showed that the satisfaction as regards the performance of the hotel industry in Europe has been rising for many years now. According to the study, the trend is not driven by better service alone.

The satisfaction ratings given by hotel guests for accommodation in most of the cities in Europe were higher compared to last year. Slovakia topped the list with the score of 8.25 out of the maximum possible rating of 10, while Serbia ranked third (8.20, down from 8.22 last year), Finland (7.97, down from 8.00 in the previous year) ranked in the ninth position and Greece (7.57, down from 7.61 a year ago) were the only places to suffer losses. 

The rating for France, host of UEFA European Championship, increased a little but still is ranked at the bottom part of the scale with the score of 7.50. The Championship, however, presents the country with an opportunity to improve its reputation. 

On the other hand, hotels guests rated UK ranked 24 again at 7.39. The country has come a long way from its rating of 6.75 five years ago. The comparison for the larger cities in the UK was somewhat similar. Most destinations fared better compared to their previous year’s performance. Sheffield, the frontrunner, however, failed to maintain its score of 8.03 for the previous year and declined to 7.98. The score for Liverpool, the seaside city, improved from 7.95 to 7.96 this year and was ranked number two.

The contentment of hotel guests in the capital city London also improved, but the city came in last among UK’s other ciies. London’s score was mere 7.13 and was edged ahead by Birmingham with a rating of 7.21 points (down from 7.22 last year). The hotel guests were less enthusiastic about the country’s second biggest city.

According to Hotel Info, the contentment quotient has been steadily increasing for the last two years. The booking portals have an important role to play in encouraging better performance of the hotel industry by enabling more transparency and making it easier for tourists to easily compare hotel tariffs and services.

This along with the ratings given by hotel guests helps others looking for accommodation in cities they want to visit in choosing the right hotels for their stay. This in turn helps individuals meet their requirements and avoid disappointments.


Where are the European hotel guests satisfied the most?

(ratings in brackets)

1. Slovakia (8.25)

2. Poland (8.21)

3. Serbia (8.20)

4. Bulgaria (8.12)

5. Austria (8.10)

6. Germany (8.05)

7. Czech Republic (8.02)

8. Romania (7.98)

9. Finland (7.97)

10. Hungary (7.95)

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