Andrea Hausold - Jan 29, 2018
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Frequent travelers visiting hotels regularly love being rewarded for their loyalty with personalized and unique experiences, rather than accumulating points through a system or any other popular and common offer. Culture and gastronomy are some of the most valued and well received themes, although Spanish guests more prefer night activities.

According to the Wanup Loyalty Club, 77.9% of travelers will often request their hotels’ loyalty clubs for personalized benefits before considering any other type of offer. Wanup assures  

This is reflected in the First Study on the Frequent Traveler Preferences prepared by Wanup, with the sector specific support of the Technological Hotel Institute (ITH).

That 77.9% of the European average is surpassed by countries such as Italy, or the United Kingdom. At least 86% of the British frequent travelers would prefer to be offered personalized experiences along with their hotel reservations. On the other hand, German and French travelers aren’t as interested in the custom experience; Germans are the least concerned about such benefits, represented by 74.5%.

Culture and Gastronomy

In general terms, European frequent travelers spend their free time in a new country by exploring its culture and gastronomy. The results suggest that 56% of the travelers will devote their time to culture, and at least 55% to gastronomy, among other hobbies.

Those more inclined to cultural activities such as theater, museums, or local life, are British travelers (56.7%) and Italians (56.4%).

On the other hand, Spanish holidaymakers and French travelers have a more sensible palate, since in both cases the study suggests that 60% spend their free time visiting the best restaurants and trying out national dishes of the particular country they visit.

To a lesser extent, 31.3% of the travelers spend their time doing sports activities to relief stress and relax both mind and body. This preference is more noticeable among French travelers (32.8%) and non-existent among Spanish guests, who would rather take part in nightlife activities (28.7%).

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