Tomas Haupt - Aug 1, 2011

Discovering ancient Roman secrets is the great appeal of a little Austrian town of Carnuntum. A genuine Roman land has emerged here and attracts thousands who come to admire the Exhibition of Lower Austria 2011.

The Exhibition of Lower Austria 2011 is a fantastic opportunity to explore the region and 27 towns between Vienna and the Slovak metropolis of Bratislava have been meticulously preparing for this event.

The region not only appeals with a charming natural setting and diverse culture, but also with its colorful history. Especially its Roman heritage is fascinating and this year, the Roman Land of Carnuntum gives visitors a unique chance to explore the ancient times first-hand.

Carnuntum was originally a Roman army camp and the site has now been reconstructed to recreate the ancient roman atmosphere. A new visitor's center has been opened and one of local most popular attractions is the authentic Villa Urbana, a town house belonging to local cloth merchant Lucius.

The newly reconstructed Roman baths feature very impressive marble stucco fittings and amazing equipment, including the unique water supply technology and heating system. Visitors admire local beautiful model of the city, spreading over a surprising 350 square meters; those keen to explore ancient times in detail visit the museum, full of interesting archaeological artifacts and information on Roman times.

The Exhibit does not end here though; the striking Donau-Auen National Park is ideal for hiking and outdoor enthusiasts. Local boat trips are immensely popular especially as they take travelers into the heart of a reputed wine-region through the vineyards of the Carnuntum area. Cycle paths are plentiful as well as hiking trails and golf enthusiasts will appreciate any of the three golf courses.

Wine-growing has a long tradition and wine and culinary experiences of the region leave no doubt the ancient Roman secret has been successfully preserved for hundreds of years.

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  1. Having ministered the Gospel to Austria from Salzburg, Vienna and behind the Iron Curtain for five months in 1978, I have always regretted not returning. keep me posted on the developements . I am sincerely interested.

    Keith R. Kelley (Australia)

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