Andrew J. Wein - May 2, 2011

Most Austrians like to plan their holiday themselves. They usually go to different destinations every year and stay in resorts that offer quality services for a good price. Most of them also travel by their own cars. Austrian holidaymakers check the weather conditions of the destination before deciding to go there, too.


How, where and why did the Austrians go for vacation in 2010? Tourism analysis prepared by ÖAMTC and published on presented results of a research that was based on personal interviews carried out in January 2011. The research shows that the Austrians have changed their holiday planning behavior in recent years. Last year 52% of respondents arranged the holiday by themselves, without any help of a travel agency. In 2005, it was only 36 percent. Five years ago, almost half of the travelers decided to go for a package holiday, however, only 29% did the same last year. One in ten individual travelers has at least used the booking or other supplementary services of travel agencies.

This year 39% of respondents have already planned their vacation, 32% are still unsure and 29% is not going on holiday at all. For the Austrians the most favorite destination is their own country followed by Italy (17%), Croatia (8%), Spain (7%), Turkey (7%) and Greece (6%). Almost 14% of the Austrians plan to travel to non-European countries. The whole 45% of respondents choose to go to different destination than last year. However, a quarter of all of them travel to their favorite beach every year. About 29% alternate the destination of their holiday between 2 or 3 countries. The age does not play an important role concerning the holiday planning behavior. However, the desire for exploring new places increases with the education of travelers.

Before making final decision, a third of travelers look for the information about the weather conditions in the destination of their vacation. Historical sights are important to 15% of travelers, the currency, customs and traditions to 14%, local cuisine and drinks to 13%, tolls and preventive vaccination to 10%, security to 6% and local traffic regulations to 5%. Only 6% of holidaymakers look for no information at all.

Balance between the price and service is the most important for the Austrians. A perfect holiday destination should fulfill following requirements:

1) Conditions of the destination - beautiful landscape, guaranteed sunshine, good bathing possibilities                                                                                                                                                            

2) Convenient offers - value for money, comfortable accommodation, possibility of daily arrivals                                                                                                                                                                     

3) Good local infrastructure – easy access to eating facilities and health care, clean sanitary facilities                                                                                                                                                                  

4) Accommodation – friendliness of the staff, comfort

Among the means of transport, car is the most popular. 41% of respondents prefer to travel in their own cars when going on holiday, compared to only 35% in 2004. Plane is a favorite means of transport among 42% of travelers while bus is used only by 4% and train only by 2% of all travelers. Only 4% of travelers consider environmental friendliness when choosing the means of transport.

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