Bill Alen - Oct 25, 2010

Swarovski Crystal Worlds are going to celebrate 15 year from its foundation soon. Since then, it has become both a successful business and a tourism attraction. General Manager confirms that the money put in the project was money well invested.


Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, Austria, is going to celebrate 15th anniversary. The branch of the Tyrolean glasscutters group developed from the experimental exhibition that took place at the 100th anniversary of the company. Nowadays, it is not only a centre of lucrative business but also a tourism attraction.

Andreas Braun, General Manager of Swarovski tourism services, has informed the server Traveller-online.at that Swarovski Crystal Worlds will welcome the ten millionth visitor in the next two months. Despite the fact that it is doing quite well now, Swarovski was affected by the crisis too. In spring 2010, the company announced further downsizing. The number of Swarovski’s employees, which is currently 5000, should be reduced by about 200 a year. Gradual downsizing is planned until 2014.

Braun declined comments speculating about the extension of Swarovski to Asia. However, sales manager says that the experience with selling the Swarovski products in Austria is a very good one. Therefore the company should consider trying to use it in other markets. 

The Crystal Worlds were designed by Andre Heller. There are 14 chambers that have been fascinating tourists since the very first day of their opening. The attendance has exceeded the expectations very soon. The Crystal Worlds have been expanded twice since their establishment and Swarovski has already invested 42 million euros into the project. According to Brown, considering the invested money and the economic success of the project the results are sufficient.

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