Samuel Dorsi - Jun 20, 2011

Although Austria is not in dire economic situation as e.g. Greece, the authorities are considering selling some of their mountain peaks for thousands of Euros.

Austria is selling its mountains – Rosskopf and Grosse Kinigat are for sale. According to APA the cost for both is 121,000 Euros. Mayors of local villages are not happy about the idea though.

Rosskopf is 2,603 meters high and Grosse Kinigat is even 86 meters higher. Both peaks can be found in the Carnic Alps not far from Austrian-Italian borders. They are reportedly one of the best spots for mountain views and are among the most visited destinations in the Alps.

According to Czech Press Agency, local mayors are rather unhappy with the development. They understand that Greece is thinking about selling its islands because of their dire economic situation but Austria is not in such a huge debt as its fellow EU country.

The 1.2 square kilometer land offered is a wasteland. There is nothing to take from there. One of the villages would like to buy the peaks but can offer only few thousands of Euros.

According to Kleine Zeitung, approximately 20 people already announced their interest in the offer. The mayor of one of the local villages however warns that the peaks are part of tourism routes which means they cannot be fenced and closed to public.

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