Kevin Eagan - Apr 2, 2023
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Easter is coming and many Germans are drawn to the spring sunshine on the Mediterranean or further afield during vacations. What are the Germans’ travel trends for the coming season?

Most German tourists choose destinations in Egypt, the Canary Islands and Turkey for tour operator holidays, followed by the Balearic Islands, the Maldives, Greece, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Thailand, Portugal and the Dominican Republic make up the rest of the ten destinations most in demand (ranking by sales).

April is traditionally still long-distance travel season: a large share of sales (21%) is accounted for by destinations further afield. This is the result of analyses by Travel Data + Analytics (TDA) for the German Travel Association (DRV). The analyses are based on booking data from travel agencies and online travel portals.

During the Whitsun vacations in May, on the other hand, the countries on the Mediterranean already dominate: Spain, Turkey, and Greece account for 65% of total sales for the travel month of May.

Those who prefer to sniff the sea air on one of the cruise ships or enjoy the scenery from aboard a river cruise ship will still find suitable offers for their Easter vacation. Cruise vacations are again one of the Germans’ travel trends – including the Easter vacation season. "Cruising already embarked on an impressive recovery course last year after heavy Corona losses. Germans want to get back on the water - both on the sea and on the rivers. According to surveyed travel agencies.

City tours in Germany and Europe are also in demand during the Easter holidays - mild temperatures make city tours more pleasant than in the hot summer months. Last-minute decision-makers can obtain advice at the travel agency on the offers still available for the Easter vacations.

There are still plenty of offers and vacation options near and far for those still undecided - however, some vacation regions - such as the Balearic Islands - are already very well booked, so those interested should not hesitate for too long.

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