Larry Brain - Apr 2, 2023
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A third of travelers globally recognize wellness as a priority, incorporating travel as an integral part of their routine, according to the report The 2023 Traveler: Emerging Trends that are Innovating the Travel Experience.

The study carried out by Hilton Hotel & Resorts addresses traveler trends during 2023 and evaluates the experiences that users are looking for when choosing places to stay, whether for business or events.

“Today, whether you are a transient business traveler or an event planner, people are closely watching their schedules as well as their destinations to maximize the time they have to build and strengthen relationships while traveling or attending events,” Gerilyn Horan says, Vice President, Group Sales and Account Strategy.

Traveler Trends in 2023

According to the study, those surveyed indicated that when traveling they look for hotels that have:

  • Conscious eating
  • Opportunities to connect with the local culture
  • Time to disconnect and relax

It also points out that 35% of people seek the ability to address and improve their mental health during their stay in a certain city. Meanwhile, 49% indicated that they traveled to disconnect from their jobs.

Local Food

Regarding food, 32% of global respondents prioritize consuming locally sourced food and beverages.

On the other hand, 53% of those consulted indicated that for their next destinations, it will be important for them to find reliable spaces with friendly services.

Finally, the study points out that increasingly more travelers are looking for all-inclusive hotels, or rather, meals and experiences in nearby communities that make them disconnect from their daily routines and relieve stress through physical or relaxing activities.

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