Michael Trout - Apr 16, 2023
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Tour operators and airline companies in Russia increased the number of planned flights from Russia to Turkey. The target number of Russian tourists in Turkey has also increased. While 5.5 million Russian tourists visited Turkey last year, 7 million are expected this year.

Dmitriy Gorin, Vice President of the Union of the Russian Tourism Industry, stated that 171 daily flights will be carried out from Russia to Turkey during the summer. There will be 1150-1200 flights per week, 750 of which will be made by Russian airline companies and 400 by Turkish carriers. To compare, last year, in the summer season, both Russian and Turkish airline companies made a total of 750 to 850 flights per week. This is about a 30-40 percent increase compared to 2022.

The most direct flights to Turkey are planned to be made to Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman, and Izmir.

Turkey continues to be the first choice in Russia. For Antalya, for example, Russia will also be a crucial market this year. It is an important advantage that Turkey is perhaps the only reasonable alternative in the Russian market, especially for the high season.

Germany and the UK Showed an Increase of 50 percent

In the quarterly data, Turkey’s two major source markets, Germany and the UK, showed an increase of about 50 percent. According to preliminary data, Germany and the UK exceeded the figures for 2019 in the first quarter. The UK, in recent years, has significantly increased its market share in Turkey. A shift in demand for all-inclusive, especially in British families, will continue with the pressure of inflation.

The British Market in Antalya is Growing

The British market in Antalya has developed as much as Germany. While Europe generally shows interest primarily in leisure products, the British currently have a clear interest in golf tourism in Belek.

Last summer, the UK market was the third largest in Antalya. A good number of tourists from the UK market is expected again. It should be the third most important source market for Antalya.

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