Larry Brain - Dec 11, 2023
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According to Olivia Grégoire, the minister delegate for tourism, all hotels in Paris will be inspected by Fraud Control (DGCCRF) to ensure that consumers are well-informed about the rising prices in the lead-up to the Games.

The goal is to ensure that viewers receive good value for their money. The Fraud Control has promised to inspect approximately 10,000 hotels across France before the Paris Olympics in 2024.

The minister was asked about the high prices charged by French hotels during the Olympic and Paralympic games. The minister stated that there has never been a price limit on hotel rates during this period in France. Fraud Control (DGCCRF) also confirmed that hotel rates are set freely in France.

However, Olivia Grégoire believes that increasing controls would be an effective way to address the issue. The minister stated that the number of controls will more than double compared to the 4,300 establishments checked in France in 2023. Of the 1,600 hotels in Paris Ile-de-France, where most of the events will occur, 600 have already been checked in 2023, and all will be rechecked before the Games.

Olivia Grégoire stated that specific procedures are in place to ensure businesses are not deceiving customers with their prices. Failure to display prices is considered objectionable, and showing incorrect prices can lead to consumer complaints. Fraud Control has an "arsenal of hefty fines and sanctions" to ensure businesses comply with these regulations.

70% of establishments inspected in 2023 had at least one issue related to the display of prices, such as defects, false rankings, or misleading claims. As a result, 44 administrative fines and 47 criminal reports were issued to enforce these regulations.

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