Ashley Nault - Nov 30, 2023
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Valérie Pécresse, the President of the Ile-de-France transport union IDFM, has announced that during the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the metro ticket prices will increase from 2.10 euros to 4 euros, and the carnet prices will increase from 16.90 euros to 32 euros. This increase is due to financing the additional transport costs associated with the Paris 2024 Olympics. However, these price changes will not affect monthly and annual Navigo packages, Imagin'R, and senior passes.

During the Olympic Games, a new pass called the Passe Paris 2024 will be introduced, enabling visitors to travel throughout Ile-de-France. The package will be available from July 20 to September 8, costing 16 euros daily. The cost will decrease depending on the number of days and will be 70 euros per week. This pass will provide access to the entire Ile-de-France network, including airports and Orlyval, as stated by IDFM.

The price of tickets to airports is also increasing

Valérie Pécresse believes that the cost of the Olympic Games, estimated at €200 million, should not be borne by the region's residents. To transport the expected 10 million guests, the RATP and SNCF will have to increase the number and frequency of trains on the Ile-de-France network. To avoid long queues caused by the purchase of single tickets, occasional passengers will be encouraged to opt for the Olympic package, which will temporarily increase the price of these tickets.

According to Le Parisien's interview with Valérie Pécresse, the ticket price to airports will also be increased to €16, compared to the current rate of around €11 for Roissy and Orly. Other packages for different days and weeks will be suspended during the Olympics.

Valérie Pécresse has announced that the transportation rates in Ile-de-France may increase starting July 20, except for subscribers with a monthly or annual pass or a senior pass. She advised occasional travelers to purchase their transport tickets before July 20 to avoid being impacted by these increases. The tickets can be purchased on an Easy card or Liberté+. The IDFM Board of Directors will vote on adopting these new rates on December 7, the organizing authority for Ile-de-France transport confirmed.

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