Nils Kraus - Nov 20, 2023
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A recent study by the Groupement des Hôtelleries & Restaurations de France (GHR) revealed that Paris would not receive the welcome medal during the Olympics. The study analyzes the impact of the labor shortage given the 2024 Olympics and was unveiled as part of the GHR congress that has just ended. The survey was conducted among 1,002 people, representing the French aged 18 and over.

According to the survey, the French are not very optimistic about the labor shortage in catering and anticipate that it will hurt the quality of reception and service from restaurateurs during the Olympic Games next summer. Over three-quarters of French people (77%) share this concern.

Only half of the French population is confident that Parisian cafes and restaurants will be able to handle the expected influx of tourists during the Olympics. Specifically, 49% of the French population believes tourists will not be well received.

Most French people believe a poor reception at Parisian hotels, cafes, and restaurants during the Olympic Games could negatively impact France's image and reputation. In fact, 81% of French citizens are concerned about the negative impact this could have on the French tourism sector, with 87% being from the Île-de-France region.

300,000 Vacant Positions

The quality of tourist reception in Paris is not a new issue, and the upcoming sports event has brought it back to attention. The French Hotel and Restaurant Association (GHR) is highlighting this issue to send a message to the government. Catherine Quérard, the new head of GHR, reminds us that there are currently around 300,000 vacant positions in the catering industry. It is estimated that an additional 60,000 positions will need to be filled during the Olympics. Therefore, the GHR calls on the government to work together to find solutions quickly and raise awareness about this issue.


The survey shows that most French people support using self-employed workers to meet the occasional needs of the catering industry, which is facing a labor shortage. Around 80% of the French population is open to the idea of self-employed professionals, such as independent or freelance workers, providing occasional support to restaurateurs. Moreover, 85% of French people favor this type of intervention during the upcoming Olympics, with Ile-de-France residents showing the highest support at 87%.

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