Vanderlei J. Pollack - Nov 19, 2012
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Thanks to the European Union's decision to put a hold on its previous ruling regarding carbon emissions, airline within EU may be at a great disadvantage.

Previously, all airlines passing through European airports were required to pay a tax on carbon emissions – until EU began to fear backlash from other nations affected. Now at a disadvantage will be flights which actually land within the European Union – which are basically EU airline flights. All other flights which do nothing more than "pass through" will be exempt from the tax. European airlines would have to endure this ruling for a year, before it goes back into reconsideration phase.

While EU airlines may be crying foul, Connie Hedegaard, the Climate Commissioner of Europe, stands by this decision saying it was made to ease tensions and open communication lines with the international community regarding long term plans to resolve the issue of carbon emissions.

Hedegaard went on to say that if the new ruling did not prove effective, the previous regulations would be reinstated immediately.

The European Union has been under fire by countries such as China, India and the U.S. because of the carbon emission tax. However not everyone was happy with the new development; politicians from the United States did not find it appealing to say the least.

Senator John Thune for instance shared his thoughts on the ruling by stating that while he believes the ruling is a good decision, it does not solve the issue long term. He goes on to say that something must be done to put an end to taxing foreign air carriers.

Regardless of how states in EU feel about the commissioner's ruling, they must endorse it anyway. The commissioner, Connie Hedegaard provided information to all 47 of the states, but suggests that she has no clue how long it will take before the EU regulation is approved.

Although European airlines that would be affected by the carbon emissions tax were being put at a slight disadvantage, there was support among many of the airline associations.

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