Daniel A. Tanner - Sep 30, 2013
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In the dispute about climate warming the EU faced a large part of the world in recent years, including the USA, China, Russia and India. They did not accept the EU's emissions trading system which meant their airlines had to produce emission certificates for flights to and from Europe.

"We believe a solution is now in sight," said the spokesperson of EU Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas. Kallas intends to address the coming conference in Canada, which will take place at the beginning of October. The ICAO is "the best forum" for a solution, the he said.

Earlier this year the EU suspended their flagship project for climate protection. They linked it to a global solution initiated by the ICAO.

Although Switzerland is a third country, it has not been exempted from EU aviation emissions trade. This is justified by the fact that Switzerland occupies a similar position to the EU in climate policy issues.

In addition, the European Commission referred to the ongoing negotiations linking the Swiss and EU emissions trading schemes. Negotiations aimed at mutual recognition of the two emission allowances have been taking place since March 2011.

In Montreal a two-part compromise plan is currently on the table. According to this the EU can pursue their system but in a slimmed-down form.

Originally it was planned that all airlines should pay for the entire distance from Frankfurt to New York. According to the compromise proposal they need only pay for kilometres flown over EU territory.

In the second part of the compromise, a system for the whole world resembling the European system is underway. According to the schedule it will come into force in 2020. However, there are already attempts to water down the agreement. The USA want a clause exempting majority of countries, including some of the developed ones.

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