James Morris - Dec 17, 2012
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Mexico has been a popular tourist destination for generations. Ever since the 1960s, tourism in the country has been growing. It has also represented a large part of local economy by employing countless Mexicans and tourism dollars were being spent in large quantities by people from all around the world. Things have taken a rather dramatic turn in recent years though. The ongoing drug wars have ravaged the entire country causing problems all over.

The ongoing drug wars have caused problems in even some of Mexico's most popular travel destinations. Acapulco is one example of just how bad things have gotten. Acapulco used to be popular as people would flock to the city from all around the world. In fact, it was Mexico's most popular beach city for many years.

Things have changed rather dramatically in the last two years, however. The once packed beaches are often times nearly empty. Hotel occupancy is down by over fifty percent. With the growing drug violence, the once crown jewel in Mexico's tourism industry is now the country’s second deadliest city. All of the violence is scaring away the tourists, and it may be years before they come back, if ever.

The growing drug violence has more far reaching effects as well. There are unfinished resorts, hotels, and more. They sit empty as a giant reminder of what once was. Local businesses are also suffering. With the increase in drug gang activity comes problems for local businesses. Many have closed down due to the lack of tourists, but there are other problems that they face. Businesses are subject to robbery while employees and owners are often subject to kidnapping for ransom.

The police force is not well prepared to take care of the situation at all. Recently, hundreds of local police failed to pass a competency test. There are also accusations of widespread corruption within the police force making it even more difficult for them to combat the rich and well organized drug gangs.

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  1. Mexican Tourism........

    Articles like this one has createded more damage than the real drug problem. Only those that the enage with the drug business will have a problem.

    Please keep in mind that this is not only a Mexico problem. We have on the USA a large number os comsumption and when this country do something about it. the problem will be resolve.

    Agustin Caparros (Other)
  2. Many safe areas in Mexico

    The status quo in Mexico is no longer drug wars.
    News implies an element of something \"new\". Drug wars in Mexico are not new, they have been going on for 6 years. This article disappoints as it continues painting a black cloud over a political situation that changed in light of recent elections. The Mexican tourism industry, its workers and international travelers would be better served by articles that report on the changing situation in Mexico and areas that are as safe for travel as any international destination such as the states of Oaxaca, Chiapas, Yucatan, Campeche.

    Andrea (Mexico)

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